counter --> $show_select="true"; // put "true" to show display box or "no" to hide. $show_search = "true"; // put "true" to show search or "no" to hide. $show_filenames = "no"; /* when the display is on Titles, put "true" to have text at the top of the Tite with the filename, put "no" to hide the filename only for non image files.*/ $otherpath=""; // put the path where you want the directory to view, no slashes before or after the path. $thum_width=100; $thum_height=90; $rows=6; // When in titled display, this is how many pictures will be in a row. //do not edit anything below this line $mode = $HTTP_GET_VARS["image"]; $S = $HTTP_GET_VARS["S"]; $view = $HTTP_GET_VARS["view"]; $mode= $HTTP_GET_VARS["mode"]; $showonly= $HTTP_GET_VARS["showonly"]; $path =str_replace(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), '', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); if("$otherpath" == ""){ $dir="./"; }else{ $path=$path.$otherpath; $foldertoher="$otherpath/"; $dir="$otherpath"; } if("$mode" !== "image"){ echo " Directory of $path"; if (!isset($view)){ $view = details; } if (!isset($S)){ $S =N; } function wsort($letter,$ww){ global $S,$A,$view,$showonly; if($A == "" && $S == $letter){ $extra="&A=D"; } echo "$ww"; } function viewoption($value,$wrd){ global $view; if("$view" == "$value" ){ $sel = selected; } echo "